Twitter Pounces on Trump Claim Airplanes ‘Far Too Complex to Fly’: ‘Anti-Intellectualism Takes Flight’

Donald Trump is back on Twitter and giving his expert aeronautics assessment that modern airplanes are “far too complex” to fly.

The president’s latest tweets are a weird statement that technological advances in air travel are a bad thing, that “the complexity creates danger,” and that pilots are “no longer needed” because they’re somehow incapable of taking manual control of their planes.

Judging by Trump’s tweets today so far, it’s possible his latest bit of online rambling has something to do with Fox News’ coverage on Boeing’s public scrutiny after one of their planes went down two days ago in Ethiopia. Even so, political observers at large are responding to Trump’s tweets with confusion about the Albert Einstein mention, questioning Trump’s expertise on air flights, and outright mockery.

From Mediaite’s Caleb Howe.

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