Twitter Releases Huge Stats on Oscars’ Global Social Media Pull, That Selfie

Twitter played a huge role in Sunday night’s Oscars ceremony, especially with all the selfies host Ellen DeGeneres took on stage and around the theater. And Twitter released some stats today showing just how much of a global social media reach the Academy Awards really had this year.

In a 12-hour period starting around the start of red carpet coverage, there were 19.1 million tweets sent about the Oscars that were viewed a total of 3.3 billion times all over the world. Individually, 37 million people looked at all these tweets, so clearly this Oscars was big online (even if the live stream didn’t work).

But, of course, the celebrity selfie was the absolute biggest moment of the night, and it has now been retweeted over three million times. Here are the stats Twitter collected for the selfie that broke the internet:

  • Seen by an audience across and Twitter’s mobile and desktop apps by 8.1 million people — a total of 26 million times.
  • It was also embedded on 13,711 web pages. Those embedded Tweets were seen 6.8 million times by 5 a.m. ET on Monday.
  • Together, the two make for a combined impressions figure of 32.8 million for Ellen’s Tweet.

[photo via Ellen DeGeneres]

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