Twitter Report: Keith Olbermann Knocks Beck, But Favorites Brent Bozell


On last night’s Countdown, host Keith Olbermann featured the Glenn Beck Twitter favorite on which we reported yesterday, a tweet from a white power message board. Olbermann presented the tweet, and said “Since the StopBeck website discovered it, Beck has since erased it. He should erase his career.”

What Olbermann failed to mention is that the top tweet on his Twitter favorites is a column by right-wing media watchdog Media Research Center President Brent Bozell! Is Keith Olbermann in the tank for Newsbusters?

Here’s Olbermann’s Twitter Report from last night:

For the uninitiated, WPWW stands for “White Power World Wide,” but it isn’t an alternative energy initiative. It’s the credo on Malevolent Freedom’s logo.

Here’s the Bozell tweet:

themick1962 Brent Bozell’s Open Letter to WaPo Ed. Re: JournoList Mandatory reading for ALL media types @KeithOlbermann #p2 #tcot

I bring up Olbermann’s Brent Bozell tweet to illustrate the fact that, despite the name “favorite,” appearance on a Twitter faves list does not denote an endorsement. As I pointed out yesterday, even for a Glenn Beck detractor, fairness dictates pointing this out.

On the other hand, as I also pointed out yesterday, Glenn Beck has built his career on not extending that fairness to his targets, building Mao-ist conspiracies with associations thinner than the cloud of chalk dust around his blackboard. I also don’t remember Beck giving Van Jones the benefit of the doubt about that Truther petition. As such, while fairness dictates one thing, it could be argued that fair play dictates quite another.

I would also be remiss if I didn’t point out that there’s a big difference between Brent Bozell and a white power forum. While it’s easy to extrapolate why Keith Olbermann would be bookmarking a Newsbusters column, Beck’s history of racially divisive rhetoric and his own references to the White Culture make Beck’s (since erased) Twitter favorites problematic for him, fair or not.

Yesterday, I surmised that Beck’s favoritation of that tweet might have been an accident, or it might have indicated that Beck was curious as to why such a group would be reaching out to him. We  received a statement from Malevolent Freedom’s founder, D.J. Anderson, explaining why they sent that tweet to Beck:

The tweet “fave’d” by Mr. Beck was made not to direct the message at him as a person, but rather him as the “brand”. The twitter medium is highly effective as a marketing tool, and the use of the #Beck and @GlennBeck hash tag was an attempt to market my website to his audience. I don’t view Mr. Beck, his audience, or any entity associated with him, Fox News, or its parent corporations as followers of the White Nationalist ideology. Directing my tweet at him was simply an attempt at providing access to my material so that anybody viewing his twitter feed could read it and make an educated and informed opinion about the White Nationalist philosophy from actual Whit (sic) Nationalists, and not the commonly referenced research materials that often do not represent an accurate description of its theory or practice.

D.J. also noted on his Twitter feed that Beck has never visited the site.

It is unquestionably true that Beck has no control over what his fans do, and I don’t think he has “White Supremacy Sympathies.” I like to think the best about people, and it’s reasonable to assume that Beck was appalled at the notion that this board found common cause with his audience.

If that is the case, Beck should do some soul-searching, and try to figure out why Malevolent Freedom is only trying to recruit his viewers. A look back at the past month of the forum’s Twitter feed reveals that, aside from Sarah Palin and a one-off to Sean Hannity, Beck is the only TV personality they’ve hashtagged. There appears to be a gulf between what Glenn Beck is trying to say, and what these guys are hearing.

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