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Twitter Transitions to Meltdown After Trump Announces Ban on Transgender Soldiers

President Donald Trump announced on Twitter Wednesday that the U.S. military with not “will not accept or allow” transgender people “to serve in any capacity.”

“Our military must be focused on decisive and overwhelming…victory and cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that transgender in the military would entail,” Trump wrote.

The surprise announcement from the president comes in the form of a reversal of former President Obama’s policy, which set July 1, 2017 as the deadline for commencing enlistment for openly transgender service members. Transgender troops already serving in the military have been allowed to serve openly since last year.

Trump’s ban on transgender service members is his latest controversial foray into the culture wars, and will likely be well-received by his far-right base — but is already facing intense blowback from critics.

The reaction on Twitter to the new policy came in the form of an eruption of outrage, paired with an analysis of the president’s motives. Many pointed out that Trump is grossly exaggerating the cost burden of transgender troops on the military, while others noted this appears to be a political move geared at reviving his popularity amongst a base turned off by his attacks on A.G. Jeff Sessions.

Others remarked on the thousands of transgender people already serving in the military, as well as Trump’s own draft-dodging — and a number of Democratic lawmakers joined in the pile-on:

And naturally, many are re-upping this tweet from the president himself, posted just last month:

As for the First Daughter, Ivanka Trump — who has often tried to depict herself as a tempering force on her father, as well as a champion of LGBT rights — the latest decree from the president only reinforces common wisdom that she is the least influential adviser in history.

Cue the tweet:

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