Two African Boys Reportedly Beaten, Called ‘Ebola’ in the Bronx

New Yorkers’ fear and misinformation about Ebola has reportedly led to the beating of two young brothers who just last month immigrated from Senegal to the Bronx. The African Advocacy Council has reported that the boys, in sixth and eighth grade, were sent to the hospital by several people who beat them and called them “Ebola.”

“They call me from the school tell me come, they’re beating your children,” the boys’ father, Ousmane Drame, told NY1. “I rush, go there my children was very hurt, headached, he was crying, laying on the floor, more than 10 children on top of him, beating him.”

“And all they want to do is be kids. They want to play like kids, they want to learn like kids. They go to school and they’ve been bullied over and over to the point in which it led to this situation in which they were brutally injured,” Charles Cooper of the African Advisory Council added.

The New York City Department of Education is sending a letter home with all students this week that aims to educate them about Ebola now that the city has its first confirmed case. Presumably, it will include the information that the countries currently experiencing the epidemic are Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea. Not Senegal.

[h/t Daily Intelligencer]
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