TX Lawmaker Greets Muslim Guests with Israeli Flag, Demands for U.S. Allegiance


Earlier Thursday worries were that Texas Muslim Capitol Day at the Texas legislature would invite protestors and perhaps conflict. But it turns out it was the legislators who are causing the fuss.

Texas state Representative Molly White boasted on Facebook Thursday morning that she would leave an Israeli flag on her desk as a greeting, along with instructions to her staff to ply denunciations of terror and pledges of allegiance from any “representatives from the Muslim community”:

The responses, they were swift:

When reached by phone a spokesperson said White’s office had not yet received any guests for the event, but that the representative had left instructions for the staff to ask visitors to denounce Sharia law, as White does. (Sure enough, the previous post on White’s Facebook page linked to a story from Right Wing News about an alleged underground sharia court system in Dallas.)

White’s office then sent Mediaite a fuller statement:

“I welcome all of my constituents who would like to come and visit our office in the Texas State Capitol. As law abiding American citizens, we all have the privilege and the right to freedom of speech granted to us by the First amendment, and believe fully in the democracy that our nation is founded upon. As a proud Texan and American I fully denounce all terrorist groups or organizations who’s intent is to hurt and destroy the great state of Texas and our Nation.”

[Image via Molly White]

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