U.S. Intelligence Officials Don’t Trust Trump With Classified Briefing

trump2U.S. intelligence officials are preparing to deliver classified briefings to both major party presidential candidates, despite top spies’ distrust of Donald Trump, according to a report in The Washington Post.

One senior intelligence official told the Post‘s Greg Miller that he would refuse to brief Trump. “He’s been so uninterested in the truth and so reckless with it when he sees it,” he said.

Miller writes:

National Intelligence Director James R. Clapper Jr. indicated that Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton are eligible to receive intelligence briefings within days of the conclusion of the Democratic National Convention.

“Now is the appropriate time, since both candidates have been officially anointed,” Clapper said during public remarks at a security conference here.

[…] Clapper’s comments seemed aimed at quelling a rising chorus of such voices among analysts and other officials at U.S. spy agencies who have expressed dismay with Trump’s positions on a range of issues, including his vow earlier this year to order the CIA to resume using brutal interrogation methods that were banned and widely condemned as torture.

The report comes days after Trump publicly encouraged the Kremlin to release hacked State Department emails. (The reality TV star later said he was being “sarcastic.”)

Intelligence officials were wary of sharing information with Trump even before he made those comments. In June, eight senior security officials told Reuters they were uneasy with delivering briefings to Trump, worried that his habit of making impulsive and erratic statements about foreign policy could imperil national security.

Sam Reisman (@thericeman) is a staff editor at Mediaite.

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