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U.S. Military Reportedly Launched Secret Rescue Mission for James Foley

ABC News is reporting that U.S. special forces engaged in a secret rescue mission earlier this summer to recover U.S. journalist James Foley and other Americans being held by ISIS in Syria. The mission ultimately failed when the forces discovered the Americans were not being held where intelligence believed them to be.

ISIS released a video of Foley being beheaded on camera Tuesday.

According to senior administration officials who spoke to ABC on the basis of anonymity, President Barack Obama authorized a “substantial and complex” rescue operation based on “broad collection of intelligence” that indicated the location of the hostages.

“Intelligence is not a perfect science,” one senior official told ABC. “The truth is, we don’t know,” the official added on why the intelligence failed. “And that’s the truth. When we got there, they weren’t there. We don’t know why that is.”

ISIS reportedly suffered several casualties in the firefight that occurred during the failed rescue mission, while U.S. forces only had one minor injury.

The White House released the following statement on the attempted rescue operation:

Watch Brian Ross report the breaking news on ABC World News:

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