UNLV Student Leaders Want Hillary to Return Hefty $225K Speaking Fee

These past weeks have shown Hillary Clinton might not want to keep talking about money and how well-off her family is, given the speaking fees she and her husband have raked up over the years. And now student leaders at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas are calling on Clinton return the $225,000 she’s getting to speak at the university this October.

Two student leaders appeared this week on the Nevada political news program Ralston Reports. Daniel Wagar, the PR director for the UNLV student body, said that Clinton should “gracefully return the money.” Student body president Elias Benjelloun pointed out that the money isn’t directly coming from the school, but from a school foundation for the fundraiser she’s attending.

He implored Clinton to “commit to higher education” by giving part or all of the money back. Money’s been a bit of an awkward issue for the Clintons this week, as Hillary Clinton’s been on the defensive about her previous comments that her family’s not “truly well off.”

Watch a clip of the UNLV student leaders below, via KRNV:

[h/t Daily Caller]
[image via Chatham House]

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