‘Up Yours! You Are a Traitor’: Charming Trump Supporter Screams at the Media

An elderly rallygoer at a Donald Trump event really let reporters have it on Thursday night when he went over to the press pen and got up in the media’s face.

Trump and his supporters have made the recurring argument that the media is set against him personally, and that coverage of his more controversial moments is overwhelmingly distorted to feed a liberal bias. Trump frequently calls the media “dishonest” during his events, which has at multiple times, created a hostile atmosphere for reporters who follow and cover his campaign.

That atmosphere of aggression toward the press bubbled up again last night when, after Trump finished his rally in Florida, a member of his audience went up to reporters and started haranguing them on his way out. His antics were caught on video by several of them:

Here’s a compilation of just some of the man’s comments (when you read “patriot,” please rhyme it with “apricot”):

“Traitor! Traitor! Up yours!”

“Pack your bags and get out of here!”

“Patriot! American patriot! Your name is traitor!”

“I am a patriot! You are a traitor!”

[Image via Frank Thorp V / Twitter]

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