UPS Man Trashes Man’s Package, Urinates on His House… and Gets Caught on Video

A UPS delivery man got caught on surveillance video trashing someone’s package and relieving himself on the man’s house.

And you thought your customer service experience was bad.

Houston man Ben Lucas was going through surveillance video from the cameras outside his house when he noticed the UPS man taking a package meant for him and throwing it over the fence The fence apparently broke Lucas’ gun-cleaning machine, but that wasn’t the worst part. No, that was when he saw the deliveryman taking a piss on his house.

He complained to UPS and even posted the video to their Facebook page. Eventually they apologized, said the employee had been terminated, and offered to send him a “We’re sorry” gift.

Watch KHOU’s report (including the surveillance video) below:

And because you’re all probably gonna Google it anyway, here’s a clip from that UPS man episode of South Park you just remembered:

[h/t NYPost]
[image via screengrab]

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