Van Jones Tells The View Elections Are Won on a Day, Democracy Is Won ‘Every Day’


CNN’s Van Jones appeared on The View today in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr.‘s birthday. While there, the man who branded Donald Trump‘s election a “whitelash” spoke to the panelists about whether or not race relations have improved under President Barack Obama and what the future looks like under Trump.

“You’re seeing some of the worst things ever but let’s not lose sight of the fact that we still have some of the most beautiful people in the world right here in the United States trying to do the right thing,” he said after Whoopi Goldberg asked for his take on the racially-motivated atrocities committed by people like Dylann Roof and the teens who tortured a handicapped individual on Facebook Live.

When Joy Behar asked him to address the millions of people who did note vote for Trump, Jones said, “Elections you win or lose on one day but democracy you have to try to win every day. Democracy means every day. We have opportunities. We still have a constitution. We still have organizations. We still have rights. We still have the chance to express ourselves.”

To prove that, he highlighted the bipartisan backlash against the GOP’s vote to gut an ethics watchdog.

He went on to talk about his series The Messy Truth, which is designed to take on the current “structure” of political discourse that leaves no room for a person to admit when they are wrong. Watch above.

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