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Vice President Joe Biden Sworn In For Second Term

Vice President Joe Biden was sworn in for his second term this morning in a small, low-key ceremony. January 20, the official inauguration day as set by the constitution, fell on a Sunday this year so both Biden and President Obama chose to follow tradition with a small ceremony on the official day with the larger celebration the Monday after.

He was sworn in at his official Washington residence. The ceremony was so early because Biden wished to be sworn in by Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor and she had to attend a book signing later this afternoon in New York.

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Guests included members of Biden’s family, senior administration officials and some Democratic officials from important primary states. This may be an indication that Biden has his sights set on the presidency after he finishes his second term with Obama. The LA Times notes if he ran as president and won, he would be the oldest person ever sworn in.

Rev. Kevin O’Brien of Georgetown University did the opening prayer.

This is just the first in several inauguration events this weekend, be sure to keep up with them all live here.

h/t LA Times

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