Victoria’s Secret Model Claims She Was Tricked Into Saluting Turkish Terror Group

PicMonkey Collage - Victoria's SecretThe supermodels for Victoria’s Secret usually don’t have anything to do with international politics. Nonetheles, Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima has been drawing fire ever since a video went viral that shows her seeming endorsement of a terrorist group that once threatened to kill Pope John Paul II

Lima was filmed at the Victoria’s Secret model’s gym, were a man asked her to shout “Bozkurtlar” at the camera while howling. What Lima may or may not have known, however, was that “Bozkurtlar” translates to “wolves” in Turkish, and that when combined with her hand gesture, it is the sign for the neo-facist paramilitary group known as the Grey Wolves.

Before reforming over the past decade, the Grey Wolves were linked to hundreds of murders across Turkey, as well numerous other acts of terrorism, bombings, and attacks on journalists. After her video saw a rapid spread, Lima’s spokesperson told The Daily Mail that she thought she was saluting the gym owned by the man.

“The video was prompted and taped by a Turkish boxer who visited Adriana’s local gym in Miami earlier this summer,” the spokesperson said. “She was unaware of the wider context of what she was doing or its association to a political group.”

You can watch the video here:

[h/t Washington Post]
[image via screengrab]

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