Video of 40 Years of Clinton ‘Answering Sexist Questions’ Is Making a Big Splash

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All of these publications have featured this video. No, really, it has completely dominated Twitter, Facebook, and the homepages of all sorts of websites. The popular YouTube video was made by the National Memo, a site that our own Sam Reisman has worked with.

Sexism is a very real part of the current election cycle and has been a very real part of Hillary Clinton‘s career for decades, yes, but National Memo‘s accomplishment isn’t just finding the clips to prove that. Their accomplishment is creating something that so many other competing sites felt compelled to repost.

The story now is about how ubiquitous one little YouTube video became in the last day, but what will make this story truly enduring is whether its impact lasts. So, what say you? Shocked by the clips?

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