Video of Poisoning of Kim Jong-Nam Calls Suspect’s Story into Question


While the suspect in the chemical attack-murder of Kim Jong-Nam, the estranged brother of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un, is claiming she was told she was shooting a TV prank show and had no idea she wasn’t spraying him with water, the newly released video of the attacked suggests otherwise. The security video from Kuala Lumpur International Airport was obtained by Japan’s Fuji TV, which aired the above version which highlights where Kim Jong-Nam and the attackers are. In it, the suspect in custody appears to be putting something over his face, not spraying him. She and her suspected accomplice are seemingly coordinated, quickly coming at him then calmly walking away in separate directions.

USA Today has published the full, raw footage version of the video:

The CBC reported on Tuesday that autopsy results have been inconclusive so far. Malaysia’s National Poison Centre has not yet received samples to test, but it’s possible that they may come up empty once they do. Depending on the type of poison used and if it entered Kim Jong-Nam’s fat cells, it could be hard to pin down what he was attacked with. “Our lab, for example, traces the usual chemicals,” said Rahmat Awang, the director of the Poison Centre. “If the substance involved is not something we often see, the likelihood is that we might not be able to detect it.” A lab with the ability to find more obscure poisons, like the FBI’s, may need to provide assistance if that happens.

Forensic toxicologists are also puzzled by what the poison could have been if it was able to kill Kin Jong-Nam relatively quickly (before he got to the hospital) while leaving them unseated. In addition, Malaysian authorities have arrested two men believed to be involved in the attack and are looking for four North Korean men who flew out of the airport on the day of the murder.

[image via Fuji TV screen grab]

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