Video Shows Teens Stealing Circus Llama, Taking It for Tram Joyride

Hey, what’d you do with your weekend? If your answer isn’t “drunkenly steal a llama and take it for a tram joyride,” then these five French teenagers have you beat.

According to the Sud-Ouest, the five carousers had just left a Bordeaux disco early Thursday morning when they passed a circus and snuck out an eight-year-old llama named Serge. The teens led the animal around town, and even took it onto a tram, though the latter feat got them reported to the authorities. The teens tied the llama to a lamppost and tried to make a getaway, but the police caught up with them, and all five spent a few hours in jail.

Serge was returned safe and sound to the circus, but the owner is still lodging a complaint. “The offense is too serious: a zebra nearly escaped from the cage,” the owner said. “We had to run everywhere to catch it.”

The teens posted a few photos to Twitter:

Watch the caperings below:

[h/t Daily Dot]

[Image via Twitter, Facebook]

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