Vietnam Veteran Gives War Medallion to Cindy McCain in Honor of Her Husband


As Cindy McCain continues to mourn the death of her husband, she had a tender moment with a veteran who decided to give her the medallion he earned for fighting alongside John McCain in Vietnam.

The Washington Post reports that David Carrasco and several other well-wishers gathered outside of the senator’s funeral home on Monday in order to pay their last respects. Carrasco ended up encountering McCain’s widow when she stepped outside for a bit, and to honor her husband’s military service, he gave her the medallion he received in recognition of his own service.

“This was given to me at one of the ceremonies for Vietnam veterans,” Carrasco said in footage from WaPo. “It would be my honor to present this to you on our behalf.”

Carrasco spoke to reporters afterwards about the solemnity of the moment, and his hope that Mrs. McCain can find comfort from those wishing her family well.

“I couldn’t help but get somewhat emotional,” he said. “I didn’t think I would get emotional, but to know that someone from his era was here, it probably meant a lot to her. Even though her husband isn’t here, we’re here.”

McCain’s death sparked at outpouring of grief across the country as people look back upon his extensive history in public service. The senator’s body will lie in state at the U.S. Capitol Rotunda later this week, and he will be given a full military funeral service at the National Cathedral before he’s lain to rest.

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