Viewers Leave Bad Yelp Reviews for Prosecutor After Watching Netflix Doc Making a Murderer

Making a MurdererHave you watched the new Netflix documentary, Making a Murderer? If not, then you’re one of the only people who hasn’t already watched the 10-part series, suffered a complete loss of faith in humanity, and trolled prosecutor Ken Kratz on Yelp.

BuzzFeed reported over the holiday weekend on Kratz, the district attorney who prosecuted the case against Steven Avery in 1985. Avery was charged with sexual assault and attempted murder, convicted and spent 18 years in prison before new DNA evidence cleared his name in 2003.

Making a Murderer alleges that the authorities investigating Avery’s case at the time planted evidence to secure a conviction. Kratz is among those identified by such allegations, and now his law practice’s Yelp page is suffering renewed scrutiny as a result.

kratz yelp 1

kratz yelp 2

kratz yelp 3

kratz yelp 4

kratz yelp 5

In an email sent to BuzzFeed, Kratz said that he’d received “several hundred emails and tweets” about the case since the documentary series’ release on Netflix.

“Well over 90% are insulting, filled with profanity, and at least half hope some personal tragedy befalls me and/or my family,” he said. “Very troubling.”

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