Viral Town Hall Questioner Talks ‘Old White Man’ Trump on CNN

A town hall for Arizona’s Jeff Flake went wildly off the rails the other night as constituents began screaming, “Shame on you,” but it was a 16-year-old girl who was the standout star of the event.

Deja Foxx confronted the GOP senator about his opposition to funding for Planned Parenthood and how Republicans would be denying her the American Dream if they did away with the family planning and health centers. The video of her quickly went viral.

With her newfound fame, Foxx appeared on CNN with Don Lemon last night.

This time, she talked directly about Donald Trump. She stated that the president was out of touch with women’s health issues, adding:

He cannot claim that he, an old white man, that he can relate to me. He’s refusing to make a commitment to get to know my story, to get to know the stories of women like me. And without understanding our stories and our struggles, there’s no way he can make good choices for us, and represent us well.

Watch above.

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