Vladimir Putin Blames US Drones For Gaddafi Death, Slams John McCain

During the annual televised phone-in with Russians, Vladimir Putin blamed American special ops for killing Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi and inferred Arizona Senator John McCain a war criminal.

“Who did this?” Putin said. “Drones, including American ones. They attacked his column. Then − through the Special Forces, who should not have been there − they brought in the so-called opposition and fighters, and killed him without court or investigation.”

“They showed to the whole world how he (Gaddafi) was killed,” Putin added. “There was blood all over. Is that what they call a democracy?”

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“The assertion that US special operations forces were involved in the killing of Colonel Gaddafi is ludicrous,” Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby said.

“Mr McCain fought in Vietnam,” Putin observed. “I think that he has enough blood of peaceful citizens on his hands. It must be impossible for him to live without these disgusting scenes anymore. Mr. McCain was captured and they kept him not just in prison, but in a pit for several years,” he continued. “Anyone (in his place) would go nuts.”

McCain responded in typical snarky fashion:

(h/t Telegraph)

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