Voice of Russia Claims an American Drone Was Intercepted over Crimea

The Voice of Russia, a division of Interfax, reported on Friday that an “American scout-attack drone” was intercepted while performing reconnaissance in Crimean airspace, according to sources with the Rostec state corporation, a non-profit Russian firm established to promote the export of civil and military defense technology.

“Judging by side marking, the MQ-5B drone was part of the 66th US brigade of military intelligence with the main location in Bavaria,” the Rostec report read.

“According to some data, the American reconnaissance brigade had 18 MQ-5B drones in its arsenal. This is the second time the American UAV is intercepted over Crimea,” the report continued.

The VoR report indicates that the drone was intercepted and its central control was broken via “electronic warfare.”

“As a result, the device made an emergency landing and passed into the possession of the self-defense forces almost unbroken,” the report concluded.

UPDATE: The Pentagon has strongly denied any truth to the VoR’s report that a U.S. drone was captured by Russian forces in Crimea.

[h/t Matthew Keys ]
[Photo via The New Yorker]

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