Wait, Amal Clooney Wants to Become a TV News Reporter?

imageedit_103_3682152692So, Life & Style has reported that Amal Clooney wants to become a television reporter. A “source” told them that, “She wants to become a top CNN or BBC correspondent, like Christiane Amanpour. She feels she can do more good for refugees, political prisoners and human rights causes worldwide as a TV personality rather than as an attorney.”

She’d be great at it, certainly. She’s a charismatic, world-renowned human rights lawyer who is married to George Clooney. She’s articulate, educated, and beautiful. She’d definitely get viewers to tune in.

Beyond being all of that, though, she’s also not interested in being a reporter.

Gossip Cop busts the rumor by saying this:

[A] reliable source exclusively tells Gossip Cop that Amal isn’t trying to become a TV news personality, and the outlet’s entire report is simply “not true.” Of course, we have repeatedly called out Life & Style for publishing lies about the attorney and her movie star husband, so this latest fabrication isn’t shocking.

Sorry, everyone!

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