WaPo Columnist Dares GOP Lawmakers to Find Benghazi on a Map

In a column on the “show trial” that is the upcoming Benghazi select committee, Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson dared the GOP lawmakers pushing the issue to locate Benghazi on a map.

“That would shorten the farce,” Robinson wrote. “My guess is that some of the House Republicans screaming loudest in faux outrage would be hard-pressed to find Libya, much less pinpoint the city where four Americans were tragically killed. No, Congressman, that’s Liberia you’re pointing to. Whole different country.”

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Robinson noting that the questions committee chair Trey Gowdy (R-SC) wanted addressed had already been answered in previous inquiries, and that Gowdy himself had had trouble not referring to the proceedings as a “trial.” “His intent to prosecute rather than investigate remains clear,” Robinson wrote.

“The way to honor the Americans who died in Benghazi is to try to make sure nothing like this happens again,” Robinson concluded. “The way to dishonor them is to make their deaths the subject of partisan political theater.”

[h/t Washington Post]

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