WaPo Columnist Ruth Marcus Calls Left, Blogosphere ‘Deranged’

During an appearance on Chuck Todd and Savannah Guthrie‘s Daily Rundown, Washington Post columnist Ruth Marcus may have one-upped Robert Gibbs “Professional Left” comments. Having already written a column agreeing with Gibbs, she told Chuck, Savannah, and Anita Dunn that the left and the blogosphere are “deranged.”

I was all set to agree with her, until I found out she wasn’t talking about their berserk reaction to Gibbs’ comments, but rather, their high expectations of President Obama and the Democrats.

While it is true that a great many liberals have too-high expectations of President Obama, and little patience, the example that Marcus cites is the worst one possible. On health care, the left has an indisputably valid point. In her column, Marcus wrote “Can these people count to 60?”

As a matter of fact, we can, but apparently, the Democrats can’t. Instead of pressing the advantage while they had that filibuster-proof Senate majority, President Obama went on a pointless consensus-building exercise that resulted in a weaker law that barely passed after Scott Brown upended that 60-seat majority.

It’s a bit of a cliche´, but the truth lies somewhere in the middle. There are many on the left for whom pragmatism is a dirty word, and Gibbs was right to throw cold water on comparisons to Bush. But it’s not a hippie acid trip to think that the Dems could have gotten a stronger health care bill had they, themselves, bothered to count to 60 while they still could.

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