WaPo Gives Hillary Four Pinocchios For Claiming Comey Called Her ‘Truthful’ About Her Emails

PicMonkey-Collage-hillaryWashington Post ran a fact-check on Hillary Clinton‘s interview on Fox News Sunday, and they came back with their lowest possible score to her answers when questioned about her private email server.

Chris Wallace held Clinton’s feet to the fire the during the interview.  He asked the former Secretary of State about how FBI Director James Comey called her actions “extremely careless.” Clinton insisted she never sent or received classified material at the time, even as Wallace pulled up footage where Comey told Trey Gowdy a different story.

Washington Post gave Clinton low fact-check ratings after Comey made the announcement earlier this month that they would not prosecute Clinton. Today, their analysis concluded Clinton engaged in “cherry-picking” and a reliance on technicalities to justify herself.

One incident of cherry-picking occurred when Clinton said Comey described her testimony on her emails as “truthful” when Comey only meant that in the context of whether Clinton ever lied to the FBI. In terms of Clinton’s legal technicalities, WaPo noted that some of Clinton’s emails were marked classified, and that Comey said that government officials should be conscientious of such markings even when they are given retroactively.

In the end, WaPo decided that the factual inaccuracies and contradictions of Clinton’s defense warranted the Four Pinocchios rating on their scale for truthfulness.

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