WaPo Reporter Doesn’t Think Maher Chose the Right Republican to Take Out

Last night Bill Maher announced he’s targeting Republican Congressman John Kline‘s district in the November midterms. However, Washington Post senior reporter Aaron Blake analyzed the final four Maher had before settling on Kline, and concluded that if Maher’s goal is to flip a district, he chose the wrong one.

Just minutes after Maher’s announcement, Blake posted online about why he thinks Kline was the wrong choice for Maher. The final four in the bracket were Kline, Blake Farenthold, Mike Coffman, and Renee Ellmers. And Kline wasn’t exactly the most vulnerable among them.

Maher’s argument for targeting Kline didn’t dwell on the likelihood they’ll be able to flip his district, but on how he represents the kind of “crummy, corrupt” legislator Americans are tired of. Blake, however, noted that the Democrats haven’t made Kline’s district any kind of priority, and Kline’s never taken less than 54 percent of the vote.

Blake continued:

[T]he Cook Political Report, which has rated 29 Republican seats as being potentially in play in the 2014 election, doesn’t even include Kline among the least-vulnerable on that list.

Said one Democratic strategist, granted anonymity to offer a candid take: “Sometimes money could be spent in a way that makes a difference or in a way that gets a headline. This is the latter.”

You can watch Maher’s announcement here, via HBO:

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