Was This Macklemore Costume an Anti-Semitic Stereotype?

Grammy Award-winning rapper Macklemore has generated a lot of good will and some controversy over the last few years, mostly from his progressive marriage equality anthem “Same Love.” But now, he’s taking some heat for an unexplained costume he donned during a performance this weekend at Seattle’s EMP museum. While he claims he had no bad intentions, others, including actor Seth Rogen, saw something very different:

Rogen’s message, which has been retweeted more than 3,000 times, drew attention to the costume, which included a wig, beard and large fake nose. On top of the way the costume looked on its own, Macklemore wore it to perform “Thrift Shop,” his hit song that just happens to be about saving money, another Jewish stereotype.

Following Rogen’s tweet and subsequent articles calling the costume into question, Macklemore tweeted his own defense of the get-up, saying it was “random” and he did not intend it as a stereotype of any group:

One fan captured video of Macklemore’s performance, so you can see the bizarre costume in action below:

[Photo via Twitter]

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