Was Young Sean Hannity Hot? Media Liberals in Crisis Over Fox News Host’s Looks

Liberals in digital media were faced with a daunting ethical question this week: Can a man who promoted the Seth Rich conspiracy and pushes pro-Trump agitprop on a nightly basis still be a smokeshow and a whole snack?

“Ugh I regret to inform you that younger Hannity used to be kind of cute,” tweeted Vox journalist Carlos Maza — who goes by the handle @gaywonk — this week. “Jesus christ I think I have really really severe Stockholm Syndrome.”

As the replies to his outrageous hot-take piled in, Maza added: “Okay I deserve to get ratio’d but before I die I just want everyone to know that I also hated myself this entire time.”

Fox News declined to comment.

Given that Maza works as Vox’s media critic — he’s known for creating videos that break down news coverage and usually critique conservative media — his commentary on Hannity’s looks received extra attention. But he didn’t stop with Hannity: after one Twitter user tweeted photos of a young and topless Alex Jones, Maza noted that the conspiracy theorist — even while ripped — doesn’t do it for him, and instead redirected followers to a picture of “current day” Fox News host Pete Hegseth.

The post quickly received a strong reaction from Maza’s fellow coastal media elites, with many voicing concern for his stability, asking whether he was “okay,” and others showing little concern for his well-being, simply telling him “no.”

However, several brave posters decided to join Maza and ask some more terrifying — yet, important — questions.

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