Wasserman Schultz: GOP Picked Nikki Haley for SOTU Response to Tackle ‘Diversity Problem’

dwsDNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz said on a conference call today that the GOP chose Governor Nikki Haley to deliver the State of the Union response because of the Republicans’ “diversity problem.”

The South Carolina is the daughter of Sikh immigrants and is considered a rising star in the Republican party, hence why she was chosen for such a big national platform.

But according to Politico, Wasserman Schultz told reporters today, “It’s pretty clear that Nikki Haley is being chosen because the Republican Party has a diversity problem.”

It’s worth noting here that a few months ago, the DNC chair was confronted by Jorge Ramos on why the Democratic candidates “lack diversity.”

Wasserman Schultz also took shots at Haley’s “failed record.”

The RNC told The Hill it’s “ridiculous,” and snarked, “No one disputes the fact Republicans have the most diverse presidential field in the history of either party, though the Democrats do have us beat when it comes to fielding self-described socialists and candidates under FBI investigation.”

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