Watch a New Yorker Copy Editor Take a Hacksaw to a Recent Donald Trump Speech

Even the finest writers in the world can be humbled by a New Yorker copy edit. So when one of the venerable magazine’s eagle-eyed copy editors focussed his attention on a recent speech by Donald Trump, it stood to reason that the President’s prose was going to fall apart.


New Yorker copy editor Andrew Boynton sat down with the text of Trump’s remarks at CIA headquarters this past Saturday.

“Like anyone, he doesn’t speak in perfect sentences or perfect paragraphs all the time,” Boynton said. “But he does have a lot of repetitions, and a lot of mind alleys that he goes down.”

Boynton focussed (sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves) on a portion of the speech where Trump mentioned chief of staff Reince Preibus.

And Reince and my whole group. Reince — you know — they don’t care about Reince. He’s like this political guy that turned out to be a superstar, right? We don’t have to talk about Reince.

“So let’s not talk about Reince,” Boynton said dryly, as he put pencil to paper and wiped away half a paragraph.

By the time Boynton was through, he’d altered almost every line of the speech in some manner. Sad!

Watch above, via Facebook and The New Yorker

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