Watch a Pro-Trump Protestor Get Shouted Down at a Free Speech Rally in Boston

Lots of attention on Boston today where thousands marched in a largely peaceful protest designed as response to a self-described “free speech” rally that had sparked concerns of possible violence.  President Donald Trump tweeted a few times about this event, first in support of the manner that the Boston PD dealt with “many anti-police agitators” before he lauded  “protests speaking out against bigotry and hate.

Lots of attention has been paid on social media as well, and this video above is getting lots of attention as well. It depicts an angry mob of a crowd spewing vitriol at an individual ostensibly dressed in Pro-Trump gear. As he says to the camera “you shouldn’t be afraid to go outside and say you are a conservative,” while what appear to be his political enemies shout bile in his face.

Credit to the individual who was escorting this gentleman to safe harbor, saying “no violence”

Image via screengrab.

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