WATCH: A Tent Full of Fireworks Caught Ablaze, Leading to a Bonkers Pyrotechnic Display


Forget whatever fireworks display you saw this 4th of July – this one takes the (red, white and blue) cake.

A tent filled to the brim with fireworks in Madisonville, KY caught ablaze early Thursday morning — setting off a cacophony of pops and booms and filling the early morning sky with shimmering light.

Here’s the rain on this parade: According to CNN, police are investigating the beautiful display as arson. Two other fires were reported in Madisonville within a few hours of each other, leading law enforcement to believe the fire was suspicious.

Foul play or not, so many fireworks going off at the same time was a surreal sight.

Watch above, via Twitter.

[image via screengrab]

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