Watch An Old Dominion Player Totally Make Like Lucy Pulling the Ball Away From Charlie Brown

Good grief.

There was a college football bowl game this afternoon (because why not) — the Popeyes Bahamas Bowl pitting Old Dominion against Eastern Michigan. In the second quarter, running back Nick Ferrari-Smith was charged with holding the ball on the tee for kicker Brad Davis. And as Davis ran up for the kickoff, Ferrari-Smith totally pulled the ol’ Lucy with Charlie Brown routine on the unsuspecting kicker by letting go of the ball way before Davis got there.

This being real life, Davis did not go flying 30 feet into the air, flip head over heels six times, and crash into the ground with a thud. Nor did he scream “AAARGH!” Nor did he pay Ferrari-Smith five cents to psychoanalyze him afterwards.

But Davis still did have an honest-to-goodness Charlie Brown moment live on national television.


Watch above, via ESPN.

[featured image via screengrab]

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