Watch Bernie Sanders Fans Rail Against Hillary From Their Lonely DNC Free Speech Cage

As disruptions of the Democratic National Convention by Bernie Sanders supporters continue to gradually peter out on the convention floor, a contingent of Bernie die-hards continues to fight the “Bernie or Bust” fight, but you’d never know it unless you were there. Well, not there, exactly, but about a mile away from the convention floor, which is where the “free speech zone” for the convention has been set up.

If you happen to be a visitor navigating the maze of barriers to get onto one of Philadelphia’s SEPTA trains, then maybe you saw Bernie’s supporters chanting “Hell no, DNC! We won’t vote for Hillary!”

Even then, though, you’ll have to squint through two layers of ten-foot-high steel barriers that keep the protesters at least twenty feet away from any living soul:

So-called “free speech zones” have been a feature of these conventions for nearly thirty years now, and they seem to get even more absurd as time passes, if that’s possible. In Denver in 2008, the free speech cage was higher than this one, but it was only a few hundred yards from the convention floor, and just feet away from the media tents. These Bernie protesters would have a better chance of being heard if they stayed home and yelled at their TVs.

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