Watch Bill Simmons Try to Squeeze Eight More Minutes of TV Out of Deflategate

Undaunted by Ben Affleck using the subject to take a flamethrower to his debut show, Bill Simmons went back to the Deflategate well one more time on Wednesday night.

The Boston Sports Guy re-litigated the 18-month old case (which even Tom Brady has given up on) during a courtroom sketch on the latest edition of his HBO talk show Any Given Wednesday. In the sketch, Simmons advocated for the Patriots quarterback. Actor Michael Rappaport advocated for the NFL. No one advocated for viewers.

The eight-minute sketch also featured Judge Joe Brown — who (shocker!) ruled in favor of Simmons/Brady. The sequence culminated with Rappaport reading an “apology letter” to Simmons which, for some reason, just ended up being an anti-New York screed:

Boston is now the city of champions. We, as New Yorkers, have become second-class citizens. Also, New York pizza really isn’t that good.

This prompted Rappaport (who, to his credit, was totally committed to the lame premise) to throw a fit.

“This is bullshit,” he said — unwittingly speaking for all of us.

If, for some reason, you feel you need more Deflategate in your life, watch the full sketch above via HBO.

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