Watch Bill Walton Rant About Marijuana During ESPNU’s National Title Game Simulcast


As part of ESPN’s “Megacast” of last night’s college football National Championship between Clemson and Alabama, the network dedicated its ESPNU channel to simulcasting the game with a variety of its personalities watching along and providing commentary in a relaxed setting. Basketball analyst Bill Walton was among those who contributed.

The discussion was casual and freewheeling — often having nothing to do with the game. One such instance came during halftime, when the broadcast returned from commercial and Walton was in the middle of a rant in which he called on President Barack Obama to offer blanket amnesty to drug offenders convicted on marijuana-related charges.

“Marijuana should not be a schedule one drug,” Walton said. “And all the people who’ve been in trouble for it for all these years, Obama, just blanket amnesty. And let’s move on to the future.”

Walton’s stance was popular with his colleagues.

“Get ’em, Bill,” colleague Michelle Beadle said in the middle of Walton’s rant.

“Bill 2020, baby! You should run 2020 on that platform,” Marcellus Wiley added, noting Walton’s Uncle Sam-inspired attire for the broadcast.

Watch above, via ESPNU.

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