Watch Billy Eichner and Seth Rogen Convince People Seth is Dead

seth-rogen-billy-eichnerIn this week’s episode of Billy on the StreetSeth Rogen is going to help Billy Eichner convince New Yorkers that Seth Rogen has died in a segment called “Death Rogen.” As Eichner says, “we’ve lost so many great artists this year who don’t live long enough to see all the many profound ways that people pay tribute to them after they’re gone.” In this case, Rogen will be able to experience people’s reactions.

Rogen trails behind Eichner dressed as a second cameraman and watches Eichner shock people by telling them Rogen has suddenly passed away. The resulting conversations are predictably hilarious.

The episode airs tomorrow on TruTV at 10:30pm.

[image via screen grab]

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