WATCH: British Tourist Attacked by Nepalese Woman After Haggling Over A Cup of Tea

The results of hikers wearing GoPro cameras to capture their experiences continues to amaze and delight, but not always for the intended reasons.

According to the Daily Mail, the footage above was captured by a British mother named Gemma Wilson, who while hiking in the mountains of Nepal with her stepson, came across a Nepalese native who owned a tea shop.

Not sure exactly what happened, but it appears that Ms. Wilson tried to negotiate the price of tea from 150 rupees down to 50. In US Dollars, that roughly converts to $1.50 to 50 cents.

The British tourist’s effort to save a buck infuriated the native villager who chased her and her son down a mountain path in what the Daily Mail described as a harrowing experience. Some viewers, however, might see this as karmic comeuppance for a tourist being so cheap.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of the Daily Mail.

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