Watch Chris Christie Get Mercilessly Booed By Mets Fans After Catching A Foul Ball

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie took time out from his busy schedule (of media hits and beach-going) to catch a NY Mets baseball at CitiField in Queens. And perhaps because of his magnetic personality (or gravitational pull) a foul ball off the bat of a St. Louis Cardinal player found it’s way into well-padded gubernatorial paws of Mr. Christie. Hooray, right?!

Well, New Yorkers being who they are (and Christie being who he is), the crowd reaction was less than supportive. As a fairly lustful set of boos rained down on the NJ Governor, Mr. Christie exchanged high-fives with some fellow spectators before handing the ball to a young boy sitting behind him.

As the broadcaster said shortly after “nice to see him make it from the beach here to the ball park.” Zing!

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