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WATCH: Cow Escapes Church Nativity Scene and Makes a Run For the Interstate

Stormy the cow — an animal that is a part of a Pennsylvania’s Church Christmas nativity scene — managed to escape the premises of Old First Reformed United Church of Christ and make a run for freedom twice in one night.

According to 6 ABC, the animal’s first exit attempt only led her to the larger church area, but her second run allowed her to leave the churchyard entirely and make it onto the aptly named Race Street — a major road near the church. Church officials then tried to corral the beast as she fled from drivers and her eventual captors.

In a quick maneuver, the 1,500 pound cow made it into another busy road and found herself racing up the incline of a parking garage. It was inside this structure that Stormy was ultimately cornered, caught, and brought back to where she came. Unfortunately for the police and church officials chasing the animal, the cow managed to make her escape in the dead of night with the first emergency calls being made past 2 a.m.

Bystanders reportedly called police regarding a massive cow heading down the I-95.

An investigation has been launched into how exactly this behemoth creature made her nearly successful runaway. Officials believe there may have been a third party who helped free the cow.

While it may seem odd to most, The Old First Reformed United Church of Christ has had a longstanding tradition of setting up ultra festive nativity scenes in which they use all live animals — as opposed to the plastic, light-up figures one typically sees during the holidays.

Watch above via the Associated Press.

[image via screengrab]

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