comScore WATCH: Easter Bunny Punches Florida Man in Orlanda Brawl

WATCH: Easter Bunny Runs Florida Man Over With a Mack Truck of Fists

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The classic Florida man trend took on a festive theme yesterday after someone dressed in a full Easter bunny costume attempted to break up an Orlando street brawl by running over and repeatedly punching one of the participants on video.

The clip — which was posted by the Instagram account Workfth, who shared it with the caption, “HAPPY EASTER ?????? ONLY IN #ORLANDO” — shows two people fighting on the sidewalk before the bunny runs into the frame and appears to try and break it up, but the costumed person ditched his peace attempts and began swinging both fists repeatedly at the man’s face.

The bunny’s wild swings continued until a bicycle cop arrived at the scene and finally broke up the brawl for good.

An Orlando website reported that the altercation began after the two brawlers bumped into each other on the street. It is unclear if any arrests were made after the incident, but the man hit by the bunny can be seen being interrogated by the officer immediately after the altercation was stopped.

Watch above, via Instagram.

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