WATCH: Explosion At Japanese Fukushima Nuclear Plant

In the aftermath of the massive 8.9 magnitude earthquake on Friday morning in Japan, it appears that collecting the dead and cleaning up the resulting mess may be the least of the Japanese’s worries. The Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant in eastern Japan has been out of control since the quake hit, emitting 1,000 times the normal level of radiation and threatening to melt down. Now video of an explosion at the power plant has hit the Internet, and while its uncertain the scale of disaster at this point, this can’t be good news:

Writing for the Herald Sun, Peter Rolfe and Samantha Maiden report:

Nuclear authorities had earlier warned that the Fukushima No.1 plant, about 250km northeast of Tokyo, an urban area of 30 million people, “may be experiencing a nuclear meltdown”.

The plant’s cooling system was damaged in the quake that hit on Friday, leaving the government scrambling to fix the problem and evacuate more than 45,000 residents within a 10km radius.

The operator of a stricken nuclear plant, TEPCO, believed a reactor container was not damaged despite a large explosion at the plant, Japan’s chief cabinet secretary said.

Japan’s government says the metal container sheltering a nuclear reactor was not affected by an explosion that destroyed the building it’s in.

Watch the video clip courtesy of RT below:

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