Watch: Facebook Live Telethon Will Raise Money For ACLU With Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin, and More

Tonight, the Huffington Post and ACLU are teaming up to raise some money.

Also joining the team? Facebook Live. Tina FeyAlec BaldwinTom Hanks. Amy PoehlerTracy Morgan. Maggie GyllenhaalMichael Moore. Padma Lakshmi. Yeah, there will be a star-studded telethon airing in your Facebook feed tonight at 7:00 pm. ET. Isn’t the future crazy?

The ACLU has already completely decimated their donation records in the past few months. In one weekend in January (you know, Travel Ban Weekend 2k17), they got six times more donations than their usual annual average. After that, they got $1 million from Lyft and a whole bunch of other companies stepped forward to donate proceeds from various sales. Considering they’ve now vowed to do battle with the second coming of Donald Trump‘s travel ban, the telethon will likely be a major money draw.

Just kidding. That’s not “likely.” We already know money is going to come pouring in. Why? Just by posting a reminderHuffPo got $2,157. Who knows how much those celebs will bring in once they jump on the ‘thon — especially if Baldwin resurrects the ol’ Trump impression.

When the stream goes live at 7pm ET, you can watch it on the Huffington Post Facebook page or right at the top of this page.

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