Far-Right Ukrainian MPs Attack State TV CEO, Force Him to Resign

In the wake of Russian soldiers storming and shooting at Ukrainian soldiers in Crimea following Moscow’s annexation of the peninsula, killing one and wounding two others, tensions are running high in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev. Protesters are taking to the streets and demanding the government act against Russia and, on Tuesday night, members of parliament from the far-right Svoboda party stormed a state television CEO’s office, beat him, and forced him to resign on the spot.

The filmed altercation shows the Svoboda MPs attacking the television network CEO and reportedly criticizing him for allowing his network to broadcast untruths about their movement. According to Ukrainian Pravda, the MPs forced the CEO to write and sign his resignation on the spot and later “shoved” him into an SUV to be taken to an undisclosed location.

Watch the clip below via Ukrainian Pravda:

h/t Maxim Eristavi via Interpreter Mag

[Photo via screen grab]

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