WATCH: French President Macron Really Wants to Stand Next To Trump In G20 ‘Family Photo’

Whether French President Emmanuel Macron was confused, simply out of place, or just wanted to stand next to the cool kids, the G20 “family photo” turned out to be somewhat of an awkward experience.

Prior to taking the photo, Macron left his position, jostling, dodging and kissing his way through the crowd, eventually placing himself next to President Trump, leaving a void in the top row and and extra man in the bottom.

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich said that he sees a connection between the two world leaders and that he thinks Macron admires Trump.

“In some ways I think Macron identifies with [President] Trump,” he said. “Macron is a very, very bright business oriented technocrat. He ran, came out of nowhere much like [President] Trump. He actually built his own legislative party and won a massive election for the assembly.”

It is likely that Macron was just in the wrong spot to begin with as it is typical for the newest elected officials to be furthest from the middle of the photo. Or, as Gingrich says, just like Donald Trump, you can tell Macron to “stand right there and he goes ‘sure’, then he walks off and does what he wants to.”

Watch above, via YouTube.

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