WATCH: Goat Disrupts Texas Nativity Scene by Pretending to be Jesus

A goat at a Christmas nativity scene in Texas apparently wasn’t satisfied with being a mere extra, and decided to hijack the main role for himself.

Preston Hollow Presbyterian Church gathered its members last week to put on a show to depict the first Christmas. While the audience listened to “Joy to the World” as they witnessed the birth of their lord and savior, a goat broke away from the flock on stage, and hopped into Jesus’ manger.

Everyone at the church started giggling at the sight, and even the actors playing Joseph and Mary broke character before the goat hopped out. Reverend Matthew Ruffner told the New York Daily News that the baby in the manger was not a real baby, and that all of the animals were alright when the show was over.

“We are grateful that this video could bring a bit of light and laughter to this world in so much need of both humor and joy,” Ruffner said.

Watch the scene in the video above, via PHPC’s Vimeo account.

[image via screengrab]

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