WATCH: Here’s the Bananas Video Led Local News Station to Sue Fake Strongman Duo ‘Chop & Steele’


If you prank Wisconsin TV station WEAU-TV, they’ll make like Donald Trump and see you in court.

Ask New York comedy duo Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher. Well, actually, don’t ask them. They’re getting sued and probably can’t talk about it too much. Ask the Mercury News, which got the full scoop.

Pickett and Preuher are the comedy duo behind the Found Footage Festival and recently took a gag featuring characters Chop and Steele on the road in a “Give Thanks 4 Strengths” tour. In the video above, you can see them showcasing their “strongman” skills on what looks to be a variety of Midwestern morning shows. Their goal, they said when booking the appearance, was to entertain people with their muscles and “address the subject of bullying and ways to prevent it through humor, courage and self-respect.”

If you watch above, you’ll see that the muscles were slightly overhyped.

Per the Mercury News, WEAU-TV’s issue is that the “defendants fraudulently induced Gray Television station WEAU … to book their appearance for a live interview on its flagship morning program ‘Hello Wisconsin.'” It says as much in the complaint filed by parent company Gray Television in New York federal court earlier this month. According to WEAU, Pickett and Prueher used fake names not only for their characters, but for a publicist that station executives believed they were emailing. The duo also insisted they’d appeared on America’s Got Talent, on Hallmark Channel’s Marie, and as featured performers for Disneyland’s 60th birthday celebration.

Mercury News noted that Prueher isn’t taking the suit very seriously and is even blaming the station for what happened.

He said, “If they had done … their due diligence, that I feel like is the responsibility of a news organization, they would have known this was a goof, but you know, they didn’t. That’s how it worked.”

He went on to say that he and his partner hadn’t done any of this out of “ill will.”

Please, just watch the video above.

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