WATCH: In Old Interview, Alicia Machado Cut Off Trump When He Mentioned Her Weight

The best thing about Vines is that you can watch them over and over again. In this case, you’ll probably want to. TheStreet found an old interview with Donald Trump and former Miss Universe Alicia Machado and it is so good.

As you know by now, Machado has spent her week doing a flurry of interviews and speaking out against Trump, whose comments about her weight allegedly led the young woman to develop eating disorders. His comments about her body have been documented for 20 years and he is still attacking her for it.

Anyone who says she’s being opportunistic by speaking out now needs to watch the above video, though, because it’s clear she’s been trying to stand up to him for his comments for years.

“I don’t think so… I don’t think so.”

[image via screengrab]

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