WATCH: Is a Five-Year-Old Earthquake Still Affecting the Washington Monument?

Five years ago, there was an earthquake through the mid-Atlantic. If you recall, this caused some cracks in the Washington Monument and also caused Pat Robertson to question if it was the Lord sending us all a message of some sort. (Robertson has also suggested that women want to enlist in the armed forces because they’re into BDSM, so remember to take some of his big ideas with a few grains of salt and a stiff drink.)

Whether or not the earthquake was just Jesus being a prankster, it could still be having some major effects on the monument. It cost $15 million to repair the monument and took two and a half years to do, but even five years later, there are still problems. Currently, the elevators are closed down.

The big theory is that somehow, water must have gotten in through some cracks and then found its way to the electronic elements of the structure, causing the elevators to malfunction.

CBS Baltimore asked those close to the monument what is going on and found out from the U.S. Park Services’ Mike Litterst that “We’re starting to see the effect, the corrosive effects of moisture on some of those sensitive electronic systems that operate the elevator.”

Someone get Pat Robertson on the phone. We need to know what this means.

[image via screengrab]

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